What is FASHIONbasecamp?

If you are a budding, aspiring or emerging fashion designer or entrepreneur then this is for you. Through a unique and very practical platform the FASHIONbasecamp team offers you the guidance, knowledge and expertise that you need on your side when you are really trying to take those steps forward in your fashion, sports, footwear or accessories related business.

Many great, talented individuals who have the energy and determination to create their own fashion related startup are finding it hard to understand or run the business side of fashion.

If you recognise this, then know that we have been mentoring and guiding people just like you through their journey to success. By joining FASHIONbasecamp events, the FORUM, workshops and mentoring sessions you gain access to the experience and guidance that can help you get it right the first time.

Take out the guess work and hours of lost time trying to figure out how to deal with sales, PR, marketing, sourcing, buyers, export, product development and other tasks that are linked to the dynamic business that fashion is.

Join us and no longer feel like you are doing this all by yourself.

London Fashion Startup Expo Excel

The London Fashion Startup Expo is one of the FASHIONbasecamp organised events.

FASHIONbasecamp offers mentoring, information and guidance they need through workshops, events, personalised mentoring, video’s and business accelerator camps.

We are accepting entries to this independent competition for the fashion startup community until midnight on October 14th. The first round of finalists was announced during our FASHIONbasecamp British Fashion Startup Award Nominations Party on September 17th, and the second round of finalists will be announced during the third week of October. Enter your startup or recently established fashion business into the awards for the opportunity to showcase at our Award Finals at the ExCeL centre on November 17th!

Have a look at the video below and also see the coming events page to get more of an impression.

Feel free to Contact us whenever you are ready to take your next steps!

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What is Mentoring?

How could a mentor guide me towards a healthier fashion business?

Sharing the knowledge and Experience

A mentor is not just someone who has done things before. A mentor has a desire to listen, to understand what stage of your journey through business you are at and what your challenges or next steps are.

Our mentors guide, share information that is useful to you, discuss dilemmas and point you in the direction you can go to move forward. It is your journey, not theirs. But they have got your back when you need them.

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