Business experts provide fashion entrepreneurs with invaluable advice

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive in the world. Thousands of graduates leave university ready to launch their way into the fashion world and establish themselves as fashion aficionados. However for many, the practicalities of launching into the stylish world are a million miles away from what they’ve learnt sat behind a desk, or what they envision when making a career change.

FASHIONbasecamp, the unique platform for fashion entrepreneurs, is on hand to guide ambitious start-ups as they make their way into the fashion world. Offering exclusive, practical and tailored workshops and boot camps run by expert mentors who really understand the industry and recognise where people are on their individual journey, up-and-coming fashion businesses owners are able to get some of the tricks of the trade and receive practical advice that they can implement into their business plan.

Ben Muis, Head of Mentoring at Fashion Basecamp, said, “The creative fashion world and the straight-talking business world are two completely separate entities. Many established industry experts find that when they are launched into fashion they know the creative side and are on top of upcoming trends unique fashions, but they’re not aware of the other side of fashion – the business side.”

Utilising video resources, case studies and even personalised mentoring and camps, FASHIONbasecamp provides the ideal solution for budding fashion designers and stylish entrepreneurs. Offering unique and practical insight into the ins and outs of the fashion world, the sessions provide guidance, knowledge and expertise that will allow talented individuals to progress in their career. The platform also provides invaluable mentoring sessions that point them in the right direction for their own business, making sure it suits their own individual needs.

Ben, continues, “Fashion graduates are often not taught practical procedures or practices during courses, and they often find that when they go into the industry, they are held back because of their lack of knowledge. Our series of programs and workshops are all specially designed to arm budding fashion moguls with the skills needed to thrive in the competitive world.”

Drawing on a plethora of experience, knowledge and consultancy expertise around the fashion industry, the experts know exactly what it takes to make a fashion business succeed, and put all their effort into helping talented individuals continue the success of the UK fashion landscape.

Further cementing their commitment to encouraging and recognising new talent, FASHIONbasecamp are also the proud hosts of the British Fashion Startup Awards 2016. Set to showcase some of the finest emerging talent Britain has to offer, the Awards will celebrate the industry and propel those shortlisted into the view of international fashion observers.

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