The finalists in the British Fashion Startup Awards will be competing for a coveted title this Friday in London.

The competition will see one of them being crowned the 2016 winner and will receive the title, a trophy and a support package to help them move their business forward.

The competition was created and funded by fashion business mentor and consultant Ben Muis, who believes that the process of going through the rounds brings small businesses together, encourages new entrepreneurs and stimulates a healthy future for these new British fashion brands.

When asked why the awards were established he said that “it is incredibly important to our international future success in this time of change and emerging economies elsewhere in the world that we support and stimulate British creative startups in their business ventures, starting from the ground level.”

He pointed out that in his experience as a mentor to many startups the journey at the early stages is fraught with lonely challenges and insecurities, and that those who work hard to find their way to their first successes “should be encouraged and celebrated”.

The candidates are as diverse as the industry itself. You may prefer the fashion outsider Stacy Chan or the mature Vassi8 brand owner Vassily Skinner’s bag collections. You may be attracted by the footwear from Taylor & Blake or the eclectic mix of cultures represented in the Kites and Bites collections. The 10 finalists have however not been selected on their collections, but rather on their business journey and actions. The one thing they all have in common is how impressive their journey has been sofar and how hard they have worked to get to the point where they are now nominated for the finals of the awards.

The judges who will be questioning the nominees at the show are from different parts of the industry and will be looking at many aspects of each business before voting independently on who the winner should be.

The final and winners presentation are both taking place at Going Global, an event which fittingly supports the export efforts of British companies and which is run in association with the government department of Trade and Industry.

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For the images click below:British Fashion Startup Awards Ben Muis
Image Ben Muis

Image Awards 1

Image Awards 2


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