British Fashion Startups to be praised for their achievements in a celebration with Award nominations

Whilst London goes into a fashion frenzy this week, the industry’s start up community has something to look forward to itself, as the FASHIONbasecamp British Fashion Start-up Awards celebration starts.

Fashion entrepreneurs, industry professionals, fashion education specialists, journalists and bloggers are getting together at a celebration in SOHO where the first five nominees in the awards will be announced.

The focus of the competition is on the achievements of the candidate in the process of starting up and running a new fashion business rather than the content of collections or creativity shown.

FASHIONbasecamp’s Head of Mentoring, Ben Muis, explains, “We find during the mentoring process that start-ups don’t just need knowledge, they also need encouragement to carry on and succeed.  These awards are meant to do two things; the first is to celebrate and recognise those fashion start-ups that have managed to create a viable business which now has real potential to succeed. The second is to highlight these businesses as good examples for those who are still at a more preliminary stage so they can take courage from that and follow in their footsteps.”

A further five nominees are set to be announced mid-October, with the 10 chosen businesses  invited to a final round which takes place in the Excel exhibition centre at the London Fashion Startup Expo in November.

The awards are judged by professionals who have the combination of skill-sets to understand and guide entrepreneurs who are going through the early stages of their business development. The judging panel includes Startup Direct CEO James Pattison, marketing and luxury retail specialist Celine Guillaume, entrepreneur and Kirk & Kirk managing director Jason Kirk, Lecturer of Fashion Business Management at Nottingham Trent University, Caroline Travell, and international fashion business consultant and mentor Ben Muis.

Ben Muis added, “The fashion industry is really important to British exports. It is crucial that we look at British fashion entrepreneurs in the early startup stages with a broader vision to further the international success of our industry. We want to encourage and stimulate these nominees, no matter how small their business is, to succeed at the next level. These start-ups can in turn give others the confidence that with the right guidance and determination they can achieve this too. The outcome of this can only help the competitive edge of British fashion become sharper and gain more international appeal as these new brands grow up.”


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